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(Pocket-lint) - Jeep CEO Mike Manley has announced at parent company FCA's five-year plan investors' day, that the SUV specialist will offer 10 hybrid and four fully-electric vehicles by 2022.

A hybrid version will appear in every model range, including the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass and Renegade, along with a new SUV that will undercut the Renegade in both size and price and a pick-up truck that will arrive in 2019. Jeep also plans to introduce a new three-row SUV and will also revive the Grand Wagoneer name from the 1960s, which will launch as Jeep's most premium model and go head-to-head with Range Rover. 

Jeep has yet to turn to hybrid power or electrification for any of its vehicles in the UK, the majority of which could be seen as "gas-guzzling" 4x4s, so the company's plans for a quick turnaround are welcome. It's not just Jeep that's turning to more sustainable power though, as the entire FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobile) parent company plans to drop diesel engines from all its sub-brands by 2022.

Jeep is also looking at outfitting its vehicles with level 3 autonomy technologies. These are referred to as "eyes-off" vehicles, meaning drivers still need to be present inside the car and prepared to intervene, but the car takes care of all aspects of driving. Drivers are allowed to use their phone and watch movies etc. Jeep plans to roll out this technology by 2021. 

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Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 1 June 2018.