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(Pocket-lint) - We've driven it under camouflage, on ice in northern Sweden, and swooned at it in concept form in LA, but today Jaguar unveiled the production I-Pace - its electric SUV, that you can order from today.

Remarkably, it looks the twin of the concept car first seen in LA in 2016 - complete with 22-inch wheels and an airy, modern interior that's full of tech.

The "need to know" figures are that the I-Pace will have a range of 298 miles (on the WLTP cycle) from its 90kW battery. It develops 400 horsepower, fed through two electric motors and enabling it to sprint to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds. And it's priced from £63,495.

The I-Pace will be compatible with the speediest of a new-generation of fast chargers, meaning that a 0-80 per cent charge will take just 45 minutes from a 100kW fast charger. At home, a 7kW wall charger will do that same charge in 10 hours. A 30-minute session on a rapid charger should add about 80 miles of battery range.

Lower and larger than the F-Pace SUV (at 4.6m long the I-Pace sits closest in size to Jaguar's XE saloon) the i-Pace nonetheless has more space inside than the bigger car.

Its boot is a vast 656 litres (an Audi Q5 is 540 litres for comparison). The cabin's full of cubbies and legroom space, too.

That's been achieved via the packaging flexibility of the electric battery - a 90kWh unit split into 432 pouches. In comparison, Tesla P100D has a 102kWh battery capacity and the new Nissan Leaf a 40kWh pack.

Like many electric cars, Jaguar's designed the i-Pace to regenerative brake when you lift the accelerator, so you can drive with the use of just one-pedal.

On-board, Jaguar's clearly taken note of Tesla's tech success - so over-the-air software updates allow continuous improvements and change. There's an Alexa skill connected with Jaguar's InControl Apps, too: "Alexa, is my car charging, what's the charge level, is it locked?", that sort of thing.

There is also a new navigation system which factors in traffic, topography and where charge points are when routing you. The I-Pace also learns your preferences over time and can be pre-heated and cooled (like other EVs) via a dedicated phone app which will have Apple Watch support.

There's a 4G hotspot built-in, five USB ports and you'll also be able to control your smart home's heating, lighting and locks from the car's centre touchscreen. This screen is actually a double unit, with a set of lower rotary controls making it easier to adjust on the move.

Called Touch Pro Duo, it is essentially the same technology we first tried in the Range Rover Velar and certainly should makes a statement when you step aboard. The centre console technology complements a 12-inch digital driver display and head-up display.

Available to order from today, with deliveries starting later this year, The Jaguar I-Pace comes in S, SE and HSE grades and starts at £63,495.

By comparison, the seven-seat, 351 mile range (NDEC cycle) Tesla Model X 100D costs from £87,200, or the lower range and slower 75D Tesla X costs £70,500.

We'll see the I-Pace in the metal at the Geneva motor show next week and take our first drive later this spring.

Writing by Joe Simpson.