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(Pocket-lint) - Jaguar has revealed its first ever all-electric car in Los Angeles, with the event being live streamed to the UK via HTC Vive VR headsets. Jaguar says the model shown is at concept stage for now, but will unveil the full-production model in late 2017 and will be on roads in 2018.

From the name and looks, the I-Pace has taken inspiration from the F-Pace SUV, but the electric version offers more interior space thanks to there being no engine and no conventional transmission tunnel to accommodate.

The I-Pace is powered by a 90kWh Li-ion battery that Jaguar says is good for 500km. As and when you do need to recharge, you can get to 80 percent in 90 minutes and to full in just over two hours.

Power is sent to electric motors on the front and rear axles to deliver an instant 400PS and 700Nm of torque, so it won't hang about at the lights, especially with a 0-60 time of 4 seconds. And of course, being electric, there's zero emissions.

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It's all well and good having a fast, planet-saving car to drive, but you'll want a nice place to sit whilst driving. Fortunately Jag has delivered, as the I-Pace interior looks to be one of the most technologically advance at the moment.

Jaguar has employed its 'flightdeck' approach, which puts all controls in ergonomic places so they're easy to reach. Front and centre is a 12-inch TFT touchscreen display that shows car information, satellite navigation and infotainment. There's a second 5.5-inch display along with two aluminium rotary dials, both of which have an HD screen built in. These are used to change climate control and the infotainment, without affecting what's being displayed on the main 12-inch display.

The conventional instrument dials have been swapped out for a 12-inch HD virtual cluster and there's a full colour heads-up display so you can always keep your eyes on the road.

The main 12-inch display can be controlled via an app for iOS and Android, but if you forget to download it at home, don't fret, as the I-Pace has a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can download and stream on the go.

Jaguar hasn't revealed pricing information for the I-Pace, that should hopefully come at the full reveal towards the end of next year, but expect it to be quite a bit more than the F-Pace's £35,020 starting price.

Writing by Max Langridge.