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(Pocket-lint) - Jaguar Land Rover, in the heart of its laboratories, is working on an intelligent car that will make the future of driving more intuitive.

The proposed car will use the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to learn a user's driving style, habits and preferences. This "Smart Assistant" will then be able to help out on a day to day basis, by reminding you to take the children's sports kits on a certain day, for example.

The self-learning car will also be look out for potential distracting needs of the driver and take care of them, ultimately making the roads safer. It will take on tasks like adjusting mirrors or seats so that the driver won't be distracted while driving.

Dr Wolfgang Epple, director of research and technology for Jaguar Land Rover, said: "The aim of our self-learning technology is to minimise driver distraction, which will help reduce the risk of accidents. Presenting the driver with information just at the right time whilst driving will reduce both cognitive distraction and the need for the driver to look away from the road to scroll through phone lists, or adjust mirrors, temperature or seat functions while on the road."

The car will be able to recognise drivers so that it can automatically adjust seats, mirrors and even tuning to suit the way that person drives. The car will know if it's snowing or raining and will adjust the car to suit for the safest, most comfortable drive.

The Smart Assistant will predict your destination based on your schedule so you don't even need to type it into the sat nav. It will also take traffic into account to predict an arrival time or adjust a route.  And if you're going to be late it can alert whoever your meeting to let them know or suggest calling them for you. It will even apply the user's driving style when in cruise control mode so as to keep similar distances between cars.

This is all in the developmental stages right now but it's great to see the car of the future is almost here. Now all it needs to do is drive itself.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.