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(Pocket-lint) - Jaguars C-X75 is everything the C-X17 is not. It's not a family 4x4 and it's not something you can even start to think about affording. Instead its Jaguar's vision of the "hypercar of tomorrow."

For roadies who like specs, the car comes with a total of over 850 horsepower, but still claims emissions-free running for up to 20 miles thanks to the twin electric motors in the hybrid powertrain.

Like the C-X17, the C-X75 isn't going to enter into full production sadly, but instead serve as a test-bed for the company's innovative research into high-performance, low emission powertrains.

Spin forward to 2013 and we've snapped it on the road outside Harrods thanks to Jaguar being keen to show it off to passers-by, and there were certainly plenty of those keen to see and learn more about the supercar.

The aerodynamic shape and gliding lines sweep from the nose to the tail catching the light effortlessly. That's only accentuated further by the dorsal fin on the roof that doubles as a brake light. The doors certainly help also.

"The C-X75 programme represents the pinnacle of Jaguar's engineering and design expertise. It is arguably the world's fastest test-bed for the world's most advanced technologies, combining as it does a remarkable hybrid powertrain with awe-inspiring performance," says Adrian Hallmark at Jaguar. "We are always looking to shape the cars of tomorrow and with projects like C-X75 we are laying the foundations for the next generation of Jaguar innovations."

Back to the specs and the C-X75 has a combined power output in excess of 850bhp and 1000Nm of torque, thanks to its state-of-the-art, Formula 1-inspired, 1.6-litre dual-boosted (turbocharged and supercharged) four-cylinder powerplant that generates 502 bhp at 10,000 rpm.

It is allied to the highest torque and power density electric motors in production, which generate a further 390 horsepower.

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The battery pack in the C-X75 is the highest continuously rated power PHEV pack in the world, capable of delivering more than 300kW over the full state of the charge window.

The C-X75 can sprint from 0-100mph in less than six seconds, thanks to its 7-speed automated manual transmission that allows gearshifts in under 200 milliseconds. The very first C-X75 prototype exceeded 200mph in testing with ease, and the car has a theoretical maximum velocity of 220mph.

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The car's deployable aerofoil and underfloor aerodynamics create more than 200kg of downforce at 200mph, and active systems enhance its high-speed stability.

Inside and the dash looks tight but luxurious with a multicoloured central dash made from a single display that can change and adapt to what you are doing, just like other Jaguar cars already on the road. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.