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(Pocket-lint) - The XKX, Martin Myftiu's concept of an electric Jaguar roadster, reimagines the classic E-Type Jag.

While it may have more of a Judge Dredd than The Avengers feel to it – the latter the British series that helped make the original E-Type so iconic – we think this latest concept is quite the stunner.

The XKX’s profile is a flow of lines that look almost like the company’s “pouncing cat” logo on wheels. Big, brutish wheels, we might add.

The car’s aerodynamic shape is designed to deflect air away from the engine and around the car itself, said to be 60 per cent more power efficient. It would work by using broad side deflectors that intake and push air over the front wheels, across the side panel of the car and then out the large rear openings to greatly reduce drag.

Sounds like this is one car that'd float like a butterfly but sting like a bee in the looks department.

But far from just being the looker, the XKX’s concept is built on brains too: the body would be covered in a layer that houses microscopic ripples of piezoelectric cells that, when stimulated by airflow, could produce electricity to recharge the car’s battery. A bit like a dynamo; the faster you go the more vigorous the cells can work. Now that’s green thinking.

Despite all its technological marvels this is one motor that’s unlikely to ever get into production. And if Jaguar ever did take on the idea and produce a small run then we're sure each one would cost a small fortune.

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What do you think - is this a graceful or gross reimagination of the e-type? 

Can the Jaguar XKX’s electric power convert even the most hardened petrol head? Tell us what you think in the comments below…

Writing by Mike Lowe.