The 2012 Jaguar XJ will come with the ability to dock your smartphone and display its contents on the car’s large LCD touchscreen display, Jaguar has told Pocket-lint.

Shown off for the first time at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida, the company’s lead engineer behind the project walked us through what is going to be possible for the new car when it arrives next year.

Users will be able to plug in their smartphone (it was demoed with a BlackBerry Torch) and then fully control their phone via the car rather than on the phone's interface.

“Users will be able to get access to their contacts, the phone, music, GPS, and more,” explained the creator of the new technology at Jaguar, before adding that “you won’t, however, be able browse the Internet.”

2012 jaguar xj to come with smartphone dock image 3

The idea is that users will be able to use their phone’s GPS in car, and then continue on foot with the device once they leave the car; current widespread tech would probably involve you using two GPS systems.

Those worried that they will have to have a specific phone shouldn’t be. Jaguar has confirmed to Pocket-lint that while the BlackBerry Torch has been used to demo the new feature for its first global outing, they will be supporting other platforms.

"We have an agnostic approach," our man explained.

What we’ve seen is just the start though, with more features promised in the future including likely support for Jaguar’s Dual View screen technology that would mean the driver and passenger could see separate and unique information on the same screen. Other ideas include allowing a passenger to connect their smartphone instead or as well - currently it's very much a driver orientated experience.

The bad news? You’ll have to get the new car to get the new features. Jaguar has told us that the system won’t be available in previous models as it can’t be retro fitted by them.

Looks like you’ve got 12 months to save £65,000.

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