Hyundai's concept eco car is going into production in the US. The HED-5 i-mode, which was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, appeared at the LA Motor Show with a new engine aimed at the North American market.

Unlike the diesel version shown in Europe, the US is set to get a 2 litre petrol engine that Hyundai claims uses new technology to maximise efficiency. The car maker, however, failed to release any details on the car's fuel economy, a move it was criticised for at Geneva.

The six-seater car is still at concept stage, but features interesting eco touches including a lightweight body and water-based finishes that Hyundai says "self-heal" when the car suffers minor scratches. Gadgets haven't been neglected either, with touchscreens, a wireless network and webcams built-in.

Hyundai's also very proud that the car's first row of passenger seats can swivel around to face the second row. It claims this is unique. We suggest it looks at any multi-purpose vehicle, ever.

The production version of the HED-5 i-mode goes on sale in 2010 in the US, there's no word yet on a UK debut.