The Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV is an 'electrified streamliner'

Hyundai recently announced plans to launch no less than 17 vehicles by 2030. The next of those is a follow-up to the fantastic Hyundai Ioniq 5.  (image credit: Hyundai)
The Ioniq 6 is pitched as an electrified streamliner, in other words, a fully-electric vehicle with an aerodynamically efficient body. (image credit: Hyundai)
The company says it's made "innovative use of sustainable materials" in the crafting of this car. Think recycled and reclaimed materials inside and out. (image credit: Hyundai)
The Ioniq 6 is designed to be streamlined and elegant with an ultra-low drag coefficient that should offer more performance than the family-centric Ioniq 5. (image credit: Hyundai)
The car boasts different design aspects like optimised deflectors, a reduced wheel-arch gap and slimmer optional digital side mirrors too. (image credit: Hyundai)
Hyundai is also promising a spacious interior with a cocoon-inspired feel. Somewhere to hide away and soak in the driving experience. (image credit: Hyundai)
This user-centric interior design includes a modular touchscreen dashboard with a control unit that's centrally located to minimise distraction. (image credit: Hyundai)
This next Inoniq is built on the same 800V, super-fast charging architecture as the Inoniq 5. (image credit: Hyundai)
Production is kicking off soon, but there's no word on full specs or a release date yet. (image credit: Hyundai)