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(Pocket-lint) - Hyundai has announced the first car in its new Ioniq line of pure electric vehicles, the Ioniq 5.

The company announced in 2020 that Ioniq was going to be the name for a range of vehicles, picking up on the foundation laid by Hyundai's original Ioniq model, and developing into a full family of electric cars.

Hyundai had previously said that the Ioniq 5 would be based on the Hyundai 45 Concept shown off at the Frankfurt motor show in 2019. That gives us a crossover-style SUV, or CUV, which is likely to hit the sweet spot for a lot of buyers.

HyundaiHyundai Ioniq 5 photo 5

In terms of size, it sits between the Tucson and Santa Fe, but what's really interesting is that Hyundai has actually put into practise the talk of a flat floor.

Lots of car manufacturers talk about the lack of transmission tunnel in an electric car, but then fill the centre of the car with other furniture. On the Hyundai Ioniq 5, there's a much better sense of the advantage of that flat floor.

That's demonstrated by the Universal Island, the centre console that can move up to 140mm within what is a fairly minimalist interior, but allowing leg space around the front passenger's feet, which we rarely see.

HyundaiHyundai Ioniq 5 photo 3

From the exterior, Hyundai has given the Ioniq 5 a coupe-esque design, with a dropping roofline to the rear, with something of an optical illusion happening with that C pillar at the back that makes it look like a faster back than it actually is.

The nose of the car looks assertive, boasting a clamshell bonnet to reduce lines. It doesn't look like other Hyundai cars and that gives it a sense of prominence: the original Ioniq saloon and Kona Electric both look like the combustion models they sit alongside - the Ioniq 5 looks unique, and that's important for the start of this new electric journey.

Hyundai's eco message extends beyond the zero emissions you'll get from the car. The interior is decked out with eco materials; recycled plastics are used along with plant-based materials, aiming to reduce the overall impact this car has on the environment.

HyundaiHyundai Ioniq 5 photo 4

There will be two battery sizes, 58kWh or 72.6kWh, with options for single or double motor, either RWD or AWD.

The top model boasts 220kW combined, a 0-62 time of 5.2 seconds and importantly, a range of about 310 miles.

It will support up to 350kW charging, charging up to 80 per cent in 18 minutes.

The Ioniq 5 can also use its battery for other functions, allowing you plug in a standard plug to power another device, like charging a laptop - or, in emergencies, charge another electric car.

The minimalist interior has two displays, both measuring 12-inches, split between driver and infotainment functions, with a full range of driver assistant functions on board too.

HyundaiHyundai Ioniq 5 photo 7

The Ioniq 5 can also be equipped with a solar roof, which Hyundai says could contribute up to 2000km of charge in a typical year.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 arrives at an important point in EV expansion, sitting in a position that's likely to be more attractive than the Ioniq Electric and Kona Electric by offering great size. It looks like a natural rival to the Ford Mustang Mach-E and BMW iX3.

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There will be a special Project 45 launch edition, priced at £45,000 in the UK, with reservations open immediately; it's expected to be on the roads in summer 2021, with further prices and models to be announced down the line.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 19 February 2021.