(Pocket-lint) - South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is renowned for its innovative approach to in-car tech and the latest development shows why.

It has created an advanced active noise control system for future Hyundai Motor Group vehicles, including an upcoming Genesis model.

Called RANC (Road Noise Active Noise Control) it performs a similar function to active or adaptive noise cancellation technology you find on the Apple AirPods Pro, Sony WF-1000XM3 and other ANC headphones.

It effectively reduces in-cabin noise by analysing audio of both the car's making - from the engine, etc - and from the road, as received through cleverly placed microphones. It then produces inverted sound waves to cancel out the general hum and drone you would normally hear when travelling.

Hyundai has employed ANC before, which uses software only in some of its cars, but that would only be activated when there was a constant, predictable noise.

The new RANC system can also analyse various types of noise in real time, with an acceleration sensor helping it to calculate the vibration of the road. A digital signal processor can then produce an inverted soundwave in 0.002 of a second. And, it can create different signatures for the driver's seat, passenger seat and rear seats separately.

It has taken the manufacturer six years for research and development to get to the mass rollout stage for its RANC tech. The mass production phase will be carried out in partnership with the in-car audio team at Harman.

Writing by Rik Henderson.