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(Pocket-lint) - Hyundai has now made it possible for us to be even lazier as the car company has announced it has added a Blue Link skill for its connected car service to Amazon Alexa. What it means is that you can ask any Alexa-enabled device to start the engine of your Hyundai and get it warmed, ideal for the frosty mornings when you go to work.

Alexa can also be commanded to flash the lights and sound the horn and Hyundai says it will eventually be able to tell you where you car is located. The Blue Link app already lets Hyundai owners locate their car, call for roadside assistance and can help to recover the car if it's stolen.

Alexa is compatible with all 2017 Hyundai models, the majority of 2016 models and a few 2015 models, it will only work with second generation Blue Link connected cars, which includes the electric Ioniq.

To be able to send commands to a Hyundai car, owners will need to enable the Blue Link skill in the Alexa app and then link their existing Blue Link account. And you don't need to worry about your kids or anyone else controlling your car, as Alexa will ask for a security PIN number for each command.

Barry Ratzlass, executive director or digital business planning and connected operations at Hyundai America said: "Our customers increasingly want more ways to interact with their vehicles, especially when they are hustling to get out the door".

"Linking smart devices like the Amazon Echo and Apple Watch to vehicles via Blue Link continues to fill that desire. Allowing customers to send commands to their car is just the beginning".

Writing by Max Langridge.