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(Pocket-lint) - Hyundai wants to revolutionise the way we buy cars, with an alterative approach to the traditional car showroom and salesperson.

Partnering with Rockar.com - founded by Simon Dixon of jamjar.com fame - Rockar Hyundai wants to offer a car buying experience for the digital age. Rather than being guided around a showroom by a salesperson on commission, the car buying process is in your hands.

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"The vision is simple - to ensure that the customer is truly at its heart of the process and feels empowered from the start," said Simon Dixon, founder, taking about Rockar.com.

You'll be able to buy online, making car buying something you can achieve in just 5 minutes. There's no haggling to be done, or sales pitches, leaving the customer to shop in a familiar manner.


You'll be able to trade-in your own car (which goes to auction) as part of the process and arrange to buy on finance or with cash - as you would at any dealership.

Although you can run through the buying process on your computer, you still get the opportunity to test drive, as well as having access to helpful staff, through the digital store.

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Located in Bluewater shopping centre - between The Body Shop and The Disney Store - the Rockar Hyundai store is more like the Apple Store and a world away from a car showroom. It's staffed by "Rockar Angels" who are there to provide assistance and guidance, rather than sell.

You'll also be able to test drive cars, with a section of the shopping centre car park given over to Rockar Hyundai. All the cars are tracked, but you'll be able to drive unescorted, to get a feel for the vehicle at your own pace.

"Hyundai believes in putting the customer first and making sure that they have a great experience when buying and owing a car," said Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor UK.

"Rockar Hyundai is an exciting new way for consumers to be able to buy a new car. It is innovative, challenging and it utilises modern technologies to make life easier for our customers."

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The Rockar Hyundai experience goes beyond just car buying - it extends to servicing too. You'll be able to book a slot, drop your car off at Bluewater and go shopping while it is serviced.

Rackar Hyundai is designed to be disruptive, but also reflect modern digital lifestyles and a modern approach to shopping. It isn't designed to replace the traditional showrooms, but will offer you more choice. You buy your music, clothes and food online, now you can buy yourself a Hyundai too.

The Rockar Hyundai Bluewater store opens today. You can get involved at Rockar.com, now.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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