Honda HR-V e:HEV in pictures: Check out 2022's all-new hybrid crossover

The all-new 2022 hybrid crossover. (image credit: Honda)
Totally redesigned, including LED lights all round, plus a full-width light strip to the rear. The car's footprint remains the same mid-size as its predecessor. (image credit: Honda)
e:HEV means an electronic motor - using the 1.5l engine as a generator - is powering the HR-V most of the time for optimum efficiency. (image credit: Honda)
Inside, the all-new HR-V adds 35mm of legroom for rear passengers - despite the car being the same mid-level size as its predecessor. (image credit: Honda)
Up front there's more responsive, redesigned technology - with the dash-mounted infotainment screen said to be better than ever. (image credit: Honda)

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