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(Pocket-lint) - Honda's used the annual Beijing motor exhibition to show off a concept vehicle that isn't all that far off what it says makes sense for the market in the near future, in China at least - an all-electric SUV with two doors and a bunch of smarts built in. 

It's an intriguing look, that's for sure, with a chunky body belying the fact that it's not actually the biggest vehicle at all. Honda says that the car is a design that should foreshadow a model that will come to China first, although there's no indication of a timeline on that process.

The reveal is thin on details beyond that look at a potential design, as you might expect, but Honda did say that it would expect to ship the vehicle with the next generation of its "omnidirectional ADAS", a sensor system with cameras and radar that can offer driving assistance based on obstacle detection and more.


Meanwhile Honda Connect, its smartphone linking and voice assistant service, would also be included and upgraded, making for a smart and connected ride. 

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Two doors on an SUV isn't necessarily entirely unprecedented, but it isn't a look that's flourished too much in Europe and America of late, so it's unsurprising that Honda's pitching this more heavily toward China. However, while the car remains a concept there's no doubt that four-door variants could be in the pipeline, which might be more predictably received by the wider market. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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