(Pocket-lint) - You can drop the prototype or concept wording from Honda's cute electric car, because the company has confirmed that it will be called the Honda e. That might not come as any surprise, but it solidifies Honda's march into electrification.

The Honda e will be available to reserve in summer 2019 and currently you can register your interest, with Honda telling us that 6,500 people have registered in the UK so far. Let's hope they're not all motoring journalists fishing for information.

It's likely that when you some to reserve your model you'll have to put down a deposit, but at the moment the actual pricing and any other information hasn't been disclosed. Speculation says that the price will be somewhere skyward of £25,000 and we suspect it will run into competition with the Mini Electric for the compact EV to own. 

We know that the Honda e will be rear-wheel drive and have a range of 125 miles, so this car isn't competing for the greatest range, instead looking to appeal to trendy urbanites who fall for its retro charms.

Certainly, it's a car that makes a statement about design, while the interior gets itself loaded with plenty of tech for a thoroughly modern experience. 

Elsewhere in Honda's electrification plans, the company has announce a hybrid version of the Jazz. It follows the hybridisation of the CR-V, but crucially brings the tech to the smaller segment of the market.

The hybrid Jazz won't be hitting the roads for some time - it will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019.

Writing by Chris Hall.