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(Pocket-lint) - Honda and Apple have been working closely since 2011 with the well-established Siri Eyes Free integration. Now Honda is reportedly going to announce a new feature this December which, “is more than just simple mirroring”.

The Siri Eyes Free feature allows drivers to tap a button on their steering wheel then control their iPhone through Siri voice controls. While this is useful for changing music tracks or making calls, Apple and Honda want to go further.

Honda has confirmed that screen-mirroring will be included in its 2014 cars. That means the 7-inch display panel in the car’s dashboard can be used as a touchscreen control for the driver’s iPhone. This feature will be unveiled on 4 December when Honda says it will be detailed as more than just mirroring. So apart from using the screen to view maps perhaps, when stopped, it can be used to watch videos, send messages and browse the web. We’re just speculating right now though.

On 4 December, when the mirroring is officially announced, expect to hear about the Siri Eye Free update becoming available for more Honda cars. Apple is also working with Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota for Siri Eyes Free.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.