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(Pocket-lint) - The long-awaited overhaul update for Android Auto is starting to roll out, with users reporting that their apps and cars have been upgraded already.

Google announced a new version of Android Auto prior to Google I/O in May, but there was no set date for delivery.

Now it seems the software is starting to appear. Reddit user mulrj posted a picture of the new UI on his Ford Fiesta's in-car infotainment screen.

He claims to be based in the UK and the function appeared with an update to the Android Auto app on his Samsung Galaxy S8. The latest app version number, he states, is 4.4.592344.

"UK app updated this morning! Got into the car and it told me to unplug/replug and it launched with new UI," he posted.

We haven't received the update ourselves yet (and we're in the UK too) but it is thought that Google could have it on a gradual rollout. And, some say that it needs to be switched over on the server side, which could explain why some UK cars have it and others don't yet.

The new Android Auto experience includes a dark mode for the first time and a more friendly, seamless way to navigate through its features and functions.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 26 June 2019.