Android Auto now lets you go completely hands-free, thanks to "OK Google".

Recently, Google launched Android Auto for your phone - so all you need to enjoy the infotainment experience is the latest version of the app and a phone or tablet mount. With this setup, you can get access to smartphone-like apps and services designed for your vehicle. But now, you won’t even have to tap buttons on your mobile device screen, as the “OK Google” hotword detection has just been included in the Android Auto app.

We haven't seen an official announcement yet from Google. The feature was actually spotted by Reddit user neo5468, who noticed that the latest versions of the Android Search app and Android Auto app offer a new toggle for OK Google commands while driving. Simply switch it on to get started. If the hotword doesn't work for you immediately, you'll have to wait for support to roll out.

Remember, earlier this year while at Google I/O, Google revealed it was working on enabling hotword support in Android Auto. Previously, you had to press a button on the screen or the steering wheel. The company has also said that it will integrate Waze, but like the OK Google hot detection in Android Auto, that feature has taken quite a while to appear.

Currently, aside from Android Auto, the "OK Google" hotword detection is available for Nexus and Pixel devices, Android Wear watches, Google's Android and iOS apps, and the Google Home.