Google is not only working on driverless cars without steering wheels or pedals, but with wireless charging too.

According to a leaked FCC filing, Google wants its self-driving cars to recharge without wires. This could mean cars that never need to stop as power is constantly transmitted to them via plates under the road.

Wireless charging plates, in the road, are already being used in bus lanes in Korea. The UK government has announced plans to begin trailing wireless charging roads. These trial roads will begin testing soon and last for around 18 months.

Google's leaked plans to use wireless charging come just after the news that UK deputy mayor for transport Isabel Dedring said her office has been speaking to Google about testing the driverless cars in the UK.

Google is reportedly working with wireless charging specialists Momentum Dynamics and Hevo Power to install charging plates at its test facility in Mountain View. Monument Dynamics claims to have installed systems with up to 200kW of power transmission.

How these systems will work is unclear. They may be placed regularly along the roads to charge as cars move, or perhaps at junctions to give a blast of power when the car is waiting. Either way the system will allow car manufacturers to use fewer batteries to create a lighter vehicle that consequently uses less power.

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