The British government could soon begin the process of creating new laws that make way for driverless cars on UK roads.

Google unveiled its driverless bubble car recently that has no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedals. There are just buttons for start, pull over and emergency stop all near a screen showing the route.  A prototype of this car should be ready to hit the roads at the end of this summer.

A £10 million prize fund will soon be up for grabs in the UK for an entire town or city to develop a test site for driverless car testing.

Science minister David Willetts is in talks with the Department for Transport to rewrite laws allowing driverless cars on UK roads.

A British driverless car is being developed in Oxford but that technology isn't as far along in terms of miles tested as Google. By changing British law the UK technologies will be developed faster and ultimately offer cheaper driverless car options to UK drivers.

Talks are in the early stages but with driverless cars coming fast the UK will want to keep up with the US so this could move through quickly.

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