Google has released details of prototype self-driving passenger cars that look far more like the ones you might have seen in science fiction movies. But they will be in operation within two years.

They have no pedals. That's means that there's no manual brake. And there's no steering wheel.

The idea is that two passengers climb into the bubble car-like vehicle and it takes them to their destination with no human intervention.

Google's software will drive the car safely and all passengers need do is push a button to set the vehicle going.

Each of the designed prototypes were built with sensors that can remove blind spots as they can detect objects at a distance of "around two football pitches in all directions". The speed of the initial cars is set at 25mph as they are in test rather than operation.

Google plans to build 100 prototype vehicles and its safety drivers will start to test them later this summer. The initial phase will include manual controls for emergencies, but if all goes well the company hopes to put them onto the actual roads in California within the next two years.