Google Projected Mode - a seamless Android in-car experience - may have leaked thanks to a Mercedes job advertisement.

The job ad, posted by Mercedes parent company Daimler, requests a software engineer to implement "Google Projected Mode". This was described as a system to "seamlessly integrate" Android smartphones into a dashboard's head unit.

The advert refers to media playback, messaging, calls and navigation all being handled through voice controls: interesting timing as Apple's iOS in the Car just been announced.

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The Google Projected Mode is coming to "all Mercedes-Benz vehicles in all markets worldwide", according to the advert.

How the "projected" part fits in isn't clear. It could simply mean the phone is projected via Bluetooth to the in-car dash display which mirrors the handset. Or it could mean something a bit more like a heads-up display, though that's wishful thinking.

Expect to hear more on Google's Projected Mode from the Geneva Motor Show this week.

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