(Pocket-lint) - Garmin's new sat nav looks like a perfect fit for those camping getaways we're all either gagging to take as soon as possible, or resigning ourselves to given the difficulty of international travel planning right now. 

The Camper 890 might be a sat nav, but it's in another category from the clunky old touch-screens many of us are used to - it's got a sparkling 8-inch touch screen that can be oriented in either portrait or landscape mode.

That means no squinting at the map screen or struggling to tap the right on-screen icon or button, another set of phantoms from the old days of sat navs. It also means that it's larger than almost any smartphone display, a key advantage in the current market.

The Camper 890 comes with mounting options to make sure that you can easily attach it to whichever bit of your dashboard is best, whether a suction cup on the windscreen or a screw-down mount.


The camping focus of the device means that it's perfect for campervans and mobile homes, in particular. It can take into account the weight and size of your camper or trailer while route planning, making sure that you don't have to cross unsafe bridges or low-hanging areas. 

It can also help you select your destination like a handy travel guide, filtering campsites by criteria like on-site showers, internet access and many more. That makes it ideal for those who want to decide their route on the fly but still want a little certainty on the way. 

The 890 even has Garmin's voice assistant on board for hands-free calling and instructions, making it even safer to use while moving. Plus, syncing up with Garmin's Drive app makes for the fullest blend of control.

If that sounds like a might impressive feature-set (and it does), it comes at a price - Garmin's launching the device this month with an RRP of £479.99 or $499.99.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.