Amazon's Cyber Monday deals didn't end on Monday, as evident by an amazing deal it currently has for an Alexa-enabled Garmin device.

Garmin, the company once well-known for its GPS navigation devices, recently announced a new speaker that doubles as the first device to come with Alexa mapping features. The compact, 1.5-inch device features an LED light ring and an OLED display with four arrows, which help guide you while on the road. It also serves up spoken turn-by-turn directions. And, for a limited time, it's on sale on Amazon.

When Garmin Speak first launched last month, it came with a $149.99 price tag, but for Amazon's Cyber Monday Deals Week bonanza, you can get it at 33-per cent off, bringing the cost down to $99.99. That's a great deal, considering you can ask the device about everything from traffic updates to weather updates. It works with Alexa Skills, too, so you can unlock a range of useful voice-activated apps.

A little friendly game of Jeopardy maybe for your commute? No problem. You can even use the device to remotely access smart devices in your house, whether that be lights or locks. This device essentially bring Alexa to your car. It works with the Garmin Speak app in order to tap into your phone’s data connection and provide access to Amazon's assistant and all its capabilities, including directions.

It attaches to your car's windscreen via a magnetic mount and streams everything through your car’s speakers over Bluetooth.