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(Pocket-lint) - Ford is making a new security system available to customers - called SecuriAlert, it will send a notification to your phone if it detects any vehicle activity such as someone trying to open a door. 

It essentially means your vehicle can warn you if someone is trying to break in and, coupled with a dashcam, could be a nice security combo. SecuriAlert is designed to alert you for issues that wouldn't trigger a normal vehicle alarm. 

Of course, it makes sense; we're continually bombarded with video doorbells and other home security tech so why not for the car. Of course, home security firm Ring has moved into the in-car space with its Ring Car Alarm and Ring Car Cam

With SecuriAlert you need to 'arm' it by turning it on in the FordPass smartphone app, so it does mean that you need to intervene and turn off SecuriAlert in FordPass when you return to your car.

It feels like a feature you might use if you park on a street overnight, but you probably wouldn't bother to arm SecuriAlert if you're just popping to the supermarket for 10 minutes.

A UK Department of Transport survey suggests that one in three vehicles in cities is parked on the street overnight. 

You do wonder if it's possible in the future to introduce geofencing to the app, so you can choose to arm SecuriAlert as you leave the car. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.