Ford's huge Go Further event in Europe has thrown some more light on the forthcoming Mustang-inspired SUV. 

Go Further was the showcase for a wide range of electrified vehicles, but most fell into the hybrid category, spanning mild, self-charging and plug-in hybrid vehicles across a number of different car categories. 

What Ford didn't quite manage to do was launch a pure electric vehicle. The forthcoming electric Transit was shown off as a prototype and is due in 2021, but before that we're going to be seeing the Mustang-inspired SUV. 

Ford's only addition to this story is that it will aim for a 600km WLTP range - about 370 miles  - which is in excess of most current rivals. Ford also confirmed in a later session during the Go Further event that it will be arriving in 2020.

What we do know if that this is a pure electric SUV. Talking about the "Mustang inspiration", we get the sense that the Mustang side of that element is going to be about delivering excitement and performance - but we're also hoping that it's going to deliver on one of the Mustang's principles - value for money. 

We suspect that Ford's first pure electric car is going to be aligning itself against the sort of bit hitters in the electric space that we've already seen - the Jaguar i-Pace and the Audi e-tron Quattro.

Both those models are premium sporty SUVs. Both deliver great performance, but really sit out of the reach of many drivers when it comes to cost. Using the Mustang name will immediately attract attention, but there's also the risk that some will see it as a dilution of the brand - a brand that's characterised by a snarling V8.

It's perhaps reassuring that Ford said that the electric SUV will "go like hell". For all the technology and sophistication that this new electric car will bring, we still want it to have something of a wild side.