Ford has confirmed that it is rolling out an update for Ford Sync 3, to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its 2016 cars.

Sync is the name of Ford's in-car infotainment system that for a number of years (and versions) has allowed you to connect your smartphone and get easy access to some of its services. 

Now, thanks to a simple USB update (or by visiting a dealership), you can add Android and Apple's in-car functionality, opening the door to a new interface in your car.

CarPlay and Android Auto run over the top of the in-car system, providing a familiar layer that gives you access to navigation, messaging, calling and music options from your phone. If you want Spotify music, for example, Android Auto will give you that as soon as you plug your phone in. 

This is also the first update that Ford is going to push via Wi-Fi to some of its newer cars. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled car, you have to ensure that automatic updating is enabled within Sync 3, then, when it connects to your home network, the update will be downloaded. 

Those with Ford Sync 3 in 2017 models will already have support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you simply have to connect your phone via USB. 

Ford has told us that this currently only applies to the US.