Ford has announced a new scheme that will allow people to get access to a car without having to buy or lease it outright themselves. The Ford Credit Link will let groups share a car and split the lease cost, all controlled via an app.

While this story isn't as tech as usual it makes for an interesting future where anyone could have access to any car they want. Autonomous cars will no doubt be expensive, this could be a way around that problem. It also helps to cut down on traffic on the roads, in theory.

Ford Credit Link lets groups of between three and six people lease a car and organise use through an app. Leases are 24-month offerings.

The app will allow shared leasers to reserve drive time, check vehicle status, keep up with maintenance, communicate with each other, view their accounts and make payments.

The programme is initially beginning testing in Austin Texas with plans to roll it out in the future. This is classed as part of the Ford Smart Mobility campaign which includes linking cars to wearables and more in the future.

David McClelland, Ford Credit executive vice president, marketing and sales says: "Ford Credit Link makes Ford vehicles more readily available to people who may not want or need their own vehicle but have mobility requirements that must be met."

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