Ford has just announced a new feature on its cars that could help cyclists be far safer at junctions. Their new cars can see round corners. While this isn't brand new tech it's "new in segment" for Ford - hitting the mainstream should mean safer roads, hopefully.

Ford has announced its latest S-Max and Galaxy cars will come with a Split View Camera. This 1-megapixel camera is just 33mm wide and lives in the car's grille. It is able to see 180-degrees and projects that image to the driver.

The result is that drivers should be able to pull up to an otherwise blind junction and see all the way to the left and right, at the same time. At the moment there are plenty of accidents at junctions where cars pull out without seeing a cyclist, motorbike or even other cars.

According to the European Road Safety Observatory SafetyNet 19 per cent of all drivers involved in accidents at junctions experienced obstructions to their view.

Often seeing up a road at a junction, pulling out of a driveway, or from behind a large vehicle can be near impossible. This camera tech should make that a thing of the past. Thanks to an 8-inch screen in the car the camera's view should be clear and obvious to the driver so accidents at junctions will, hopefully, become a thing of the past.

The new Ford Split View Camera will come in the latest S-Max and Galaxy cars.

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