Ford has announced its new MyFord Mobile app at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The MyFord Mobile app is built to help make Ford's electric cars more remote controlled. The app is able to readout data from the car while the user is away. Checking how much charge the car is at, for example, is a useful feature when deciding when to start a journey.

The MyFord Mobile app is also about enhanced comfort. A person will be able to control their car's climate control before setting foot in the vehicle, ideal for those early morning winter starts.

The app and car also use integrated HERE Maps meaning the car can be found via the app if the owner has forgotten where it's parked.

CO2 savings are also shown in the app in a fun way to encourage people to cut down on emissions through more efficient driving.

One of the first vehicles to offer the MyFord Mobile app functionality will be the Ford Focus Electric which should arrive in spring of this year. The C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid electric will also work with the app.

The MyFord Focus app will be on iOS and Android and connects to the car via its on-board modem.

"MyFord Mobile makes owning an electric vehicle even more convenient. It displays CO2 savings in terms of objects everyone is familiar with, and shows how further energy efficiencies can be achieved in a way that is easily understood," said Don Butler, executive director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford Motor Company.

"Electric car drivers want to understand the environmental benefits their vehicle brings, and also to know how they could improve their contribution to help make a better future. MyFord Mobile helps them to do this."