Ford has come up with a hilarious prank and turned it into a Valentine's Day ad campaign.

The car maker decided to set up a female stunt driver on several blind dates with men who had no idea she was in fact a stunt driver. During each date, she meets with a guy in a coffee shop. When their coffee is finished, she asks him to go for a ride in her shiny 2015 Mustang, literally putting a new spin on speed dating.

But of course, before she roars up the engine and takes off, she nervously informs her date that she "doesn't really know how to drive stick", to which the men either nervously laugh or offer drive or even brag about being able to show her what "this thing can really do". She just giggles in response and steps on the pedal.

After a bit of driving and small talk, the woman finally cranks things up and proves that you can't judge a book by its cover. Watch the video to see the action unfold for yourself. There's even some whimpering involved. It's awesome.

Also, Ford likely did some extra product placement in its advert. We definitely saw a few GoPro cameras being used to capture the woman's crazy stunt driving.