It's a creepy time to be a teen.

With smart home security cameras, internet-connected devices like door locks, and now social apps that work with vehicle infotainment systems, it's easier than ever for helicopter parents to stalk their own children.

But on the other hand, it's all meant to keep you and your loved ones safe. Take Life360's latest integration effort, for instance. The location-focused social network has announced it will use CES 2015 to show off what it can soon do with Ford Sync AppLink.

AppLink allows iPhone and Android-based mobile devices to both control and run approved apps simply by using a Ford car's steering wheel buttons, radio, or supported voice commands. One such app is Life360 and its new feature called Drive Mode. Available for Android phones in the second quarter of 2015, Drive Mode enables the Life360 app to first pair with the Ford Sync system via Bluetooth.

Life360's Drive Mode, which will also be available for iOS devices sometime next year, will allow the app to not only appear on the driver's phone and on the car’s dashboard but also send a notification to the driver’s family members. The notifiction will alert them when their loved one is driving and shouldn’t be reached, as well as alert them once again after the driver has stopped driving.

Life360 is clearly targeting reckless teens and overprotective with its new Drive Mode feature and Ford Sync integration, hoping it can help reduce accidents related to unsafe driving and texting. The app will also let family members track Ford Sync-enabled cars on a map, which is again, ideal for parents who want to keep a watchful eye on their teens.

Life360 launched in 2008 and claims to have more than 48 million families actively using its app. Meanwhile, there are over 10 million Ford Sync-enabled cars on the road.