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(Pocket-lint) - Ford has admitted that its Active Noise Control system, as found in the 2015 Ford Mustang, pumps fake engine sounds through the in-car speaker system to replicate the growl of the older models.

Thanks to the EcoBoost engine, the old roar of the four-cylinder engines of the past has been muted somewhat, but to compensate, Ford has revealed that it uses digital audio technology to give drivers a similar aural experience.

"With the EcoBoost engine we have both active noise cancellation and we also amplify the existing engine sound order," said Mustang chief engineer Dave Perciak.

However, he claims that instead of pushing completely fabricated sound through the stereo speakers, the car manufacturer simply amplifies the sound that is already there. "We don't create an artificial sound; we don't pluck one off the shelf; we bring in the real sound, process it, and play it through the car's speakers," he added.

"Today's V6 sounds fantastic, and although the EcoBoost won't sound like a V8, it won't sound like it doesn't belong in a Mustang, either."

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How owners of new Mustangs feel about that is unknown, but it has shocked car magazines and websites. Road & Track discovered that if you disable the car stereo system, for example, the Mustang sadly loses its "voice".

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Ford responded by saying that consumers helped the company devise the new sound system, choosing and refining the feature for in-car use.

Writing by Rik Henderson.