(Pocket-lint) - Plugged Solar is a US solar panel provider that creates home systems. It says that you can generate enough power to drive your plug-in hybrid car up to 10,000 miles a year - effectively reducing your carbon footprint to zero.

Of course this company is basing that on US sunshine. Over in the UK you'll probably be nearer to 10 miles rather than 10,000. But every little helps and improved solar arrays could make a hefty dent in your bills - especially if you're driving a plug-in hybrid.

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Ford showed off its C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid at CES this year which uses a magnifying layer to absorb even more sunlight. But if you were also able to absorb energy all day at home and recharge your car while it's parked at night, why not? It makes driving totally free.

Plugged Solar says its panels will deliver roughly 3000kWh of electricity a year. Pricing starts at $3,500 with US government tax credits. The UK offers similar savings for solar panel installations. So while this isn't new it does make the great point that solar power and plug-in hybrids are made for each other. We're tempted ourselves.

Writing by Luke Edwards.