(Pocket-lint) - The Ford Mustang has appeared in many movies in its 50-year lifespan, most notably in Bullitt, but also in Goldfinger, I am Legend, Gone in 60 Seconds and many more. Now it has been revealed that the 2015 Ford Mustang will be one of the stars of Need for Speed. And driven by Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul no less.

Ford has also released a behind-the-scenes video with Paul to show the car in action, with stunt driver Vaughn Gittin Jnr explaining his role in the movie.

Paul will actually be behind the wheel of a custom 2014 Mustang hero car, while Gittin Jnr will be taking the 2015 version through its paces.

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The original Mustang was publicly released in April 1964, but it was the 1968 Mustang GT driven by Steve McQueen that really showed its powerful curves at their best. It also influenced director Steve Waugh in choosing the new Mustang to be party of his videogames adaptation, a film jam-packed with amazing vehicles.

"I chose Mustang because it is a car that really represents American culture," he said. "It just represents modern muscle, and it’s iconic, having been in some of the greatest car chase movies of all time."

The Need for Speed movie will be released on 14 March in the UK and US. You can also drive a virtual version of the new Mustang in the Need for Speed Rivals game for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, after it was included as free downloadable content before Christmas.

Writing by Rik Henderson.