The Ford C-Max Solar Energi is a hybrid car that's recharged by a solar-powered roof panel. At this stage it's just a concept build, but it should be rolling around at CES next week.

The eco-friendly machine works like a plug-in hybrid, charging a battery with a motor as back-up, but this one shouldn't plug in. Ford wants to create a car that doesn't need to attach to the grid to top up the battery but rather runs off solar energy. This wouldn't work well enough with conventional solar power, so Ford's upgraded that too.

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The roof of the C-Max Solar Energi Concept uses: "a special solar concentrator lens" which will act like a magnifying glass to intensify the sun's rays before they hit the energy-converting panels. This should mean more energy harvested from the sun's rays for a faster, more-efficient charge. Who knows, it may even work in cloudy Blighty.

The Ford C-Max Solar Energi will be at CES next week where we plan to get you a hands-on review. Ford is then shipping it off to be tested further to decide if this could come to market soon.