Ford has announced that Radioplayer, the online radio streamer, will now work in its Ford Sync AppLink cars. Ford has sold over 10 million vehicles with Sync.

Radioplayer is a free download for tablets and smartphones that works with more than 300 stations including BBC national and local services, commercial stations, plus student and community radio. Thanks to Ford Sync smarts the Radioplayer app can be controlled using voice commands.

In Recommended mode the Radioplayer app will make suggestions of stations based on your location, its popularity and your history of listening.

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As much as 20 per cent of radio listening is done in vehicles – more so by van drivers - and with the recent announcement that analogue radio will be shut down in two years' time Ford is keen to announce that its many cars have DAB, or can be upgraded for £200.

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Anthony Ireson, Ford Britain marketing director, said: "Ford is further advanced than most manufacturers along the digital radio road. Our co-operation with Radioplayer is the next step to appeal to the fast growing number of internet radio fans who want to take their favourite online stations on the road with them in Ford cars and vans."