(Pocket-lint) - Ford has unveiled a glimpse of future car tech at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its new S-MAX Concept. The intelligent motor will be able to read your heart rate, thanks to an ECG Heart Rate Monitoring Seat.

The S-MAX Concept will feature Ford's SYNC with AppLink tech as well as the heart rate monitoring seat. While it may seem like a gimmick at this stage, future implications could mean a car that detects a heart attack before it arrives and brings the car safely to a stop. Since the S-MAX already has a Pre-Collision Assist system that brakes when about to crash this idea isn't far from a reality.

Perhaps, like KIT from Knight Rider, the car could even detect when a driver's heart rate is dropping as they grow tired and tell them to wake up. With the SYNC with AppLink technology the options are huge.

The S-MAX Concept will also remain versatile physically inside with four-to-seven seat configurations. The Dual-View Display will allow the driver and passenger to see two different things on the same centre screen - so one can watch a film while the other reads car data.

The S-MAX Concept will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show where we'll get hands-on info. Check back from tomorrow to see more.

Writing by Luke Edwards.