Ford has added a round of useful apps to its in-car, voice-control system that is Ford SYNC. The AppLink catalogue now includes the on-demand music service Rhapsody.

If you launch the Rhapsody app on your phone while in your car, the Ford SYNC system automatically connects and allows you to play music and access playlists by ordering it about with your voice.

The same kind of control is now open to a few other interesting services, not least of which is Glympse. Glympse allows you to share your location with one of your contacts and will let them follow you on their screen until your specified time period expires. The idea behind this is that you don't have to keep calling people to give them updates on just how late you are.

If you can't access Rhapsody, then Aha from Harmon is another option on the AppLink platform. It brings access to radio stations and all sorts of other web content but, if it's news stories and magazine articles you're after in particular, then download Kaliki Audio Newsstand which will read your favourite stories to you as you drive.

Finally, the last app to mention is BeCouply. It essentially fixes you up with things to do on your evening drive around if you've totally run out of ideas on how to spice up your relationship; probably more useful than we're giving it credit for.