Roximity, the iPhone app that finds the best deals for you based on your current location, has landed a major coup after Ford confirmed it was making the app compatible with its in-car Sync AppLink solution.

It means Ford drivers will be alerted to deals at restaurants, shops and other amenities as they drive in close proximity to them. What’s more, drivers will also be able to search for deals just by saying a search term out loud. For example, “lunch deals” will bring up a list of nearby restaurants that currently have offers.

ford cars to sync with roximity s location based deal finder iphone app image 2

The more someone uses Roximity the more the app learns that person’s particular tastes and interests and therefore begins to suggest and find deals that are most likely to appeal. 

Of course Roximity works on its own on both iPhone and iPad devices, but this marks the first time the app will work in conjunction with Ford’s Sync AppLink, simply by plugging the iOS device into the car via USB.

Do you use Roximity? Do you see it working well within a car? Let us know...