Ford has announced plans for a rather clever solution to the pains of driving in slow moving traffic. The traffic jam assist technology shifts cars into a sort of auto pilot, taking charge of gear changes, acceleration and steering, to keep up with cars ahead. 

This means you are left hands and feet free while the car ticks over and keeps you up with whatever is in front. It's not the first time Ford has applied clever technology to conventional car issues. The Ford Kuga comes with a kick-activated boot, so you can open it while your hands are full. 

Traffic jam assist comes as the first piece of tech in a line of innovations being put together by Ford following the "blueprint for mobility" plans announced at an MWC keynote this year. 

Ford is also planning an improved active park assist, which allows for perpendicular parking by using ultrasonic sensors. 

None of this technology has yet materialised in current Ford vehicles, but is planned to be unleashed to consumers in, Ford says, the "mid-term" future. 

No more grumpy motorway delays and traffic-filled journeys. These plans from Ford could prove hugely useful to day-to-day driving, especially when you consider how congested major roads can be. 

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