A cunning solution to accessing the boot of your car without using your hands has been displayed by Ford at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and will be fitted to the Ford Kuga.

We've all been there. You fight your way back to the car, arms piled with shopping, only to struggle to get the shopping into your car because you don't have a free hand to fish the keys out of your pocket, or lift the tailgate.

So you carefully place your bags on the deck of the car park, your organic milk tumbles out and skitters off across the concrete, your Galia melon rolls precariously under the encroaching wheels of the BMW 4x4 waiting for your space.

We've had powered tailgates for a while, but Ford is taking things to the next level, as you'll no longer need to press a button on the keyfob to get it to open or close.

Instead, Ford has devised a "kick-activated tailgate". Rather than slamming your car with a roundhouse kick, all you have to do is wave your foot under the rear bumper. A sensor will detect the movement and the tailgate will open for you, handsfree.

Of course, you'll need to have the keyfob in your pocket, as this is linked in to Ford's keyless entry system. The sensors have also been configured so they only respond to the motion of a leg and foot, rather than the neighbour's cat walking past, or a speed bump.

"This is a perfect example of how we’re evolving existing technology to further improve our customers’ experience with Ford vehicles," said Dominik Nical, security electronics expert at Ford.

"The result is a practical and unique solution to a common problem - opening the tailgate when your arms are full. It's a solution that will really work for customers in their everyday lives."

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