Ford has announced a new feature for its MyKey platform - Do Not Disturb - which will block all incoming texts and calls on a user's mobile.

Whilst this sounds like a major ball-ache if you're a teenager, the move is designed with your safety and your parent's piece of mind as its primary objectives.

Ford announced the innovative MyKey system over in Berlin at IFA 2011 - a technology that may go someway to allaying parental fears when handing over the keys of their car to their offspring.

The system, which was featured using the Evos Concept; a new concept car showcasing key elements of future design and technologies such as built-in cloud computing, will allow owners to program a special key that can limit the vehicle’s top speed and audio volume.

MyKey also encourages safety-belt usage as well as providing fuel warnings and can be programmed to sound alerts at set points between 45-70 mph.

All very annoying / brilliant stuff we're sure you'll agree one way or the other.

"MyKey adds a new dimension to auto safety by giving drivers standard technology that encourages safer driving and limits their exposure to risk, regardless of age or experience," said Peter Patzelt, Ford system architect for MyKey.

"MyKey can give parents peace of mind when they hand the keys over to their kids, and the new Do Not Disturb feature helps parents control another risk factor when their child gets behind the wheel."

MyKey will first be available in next year's Ford Fiesta models before being expanded across the company's fleet.