Ford has announced an innovative new system called MyKey, at IFA 2011, which may go someway to allaying parental fears when handing over the car to their offspring.

The system, which was featured using the Evos Concept - a new concept car showcasing key elements of future design and technologies, such as built-in cloud computing - will allow owners to program a special key that can limit the vehicle’s top speed and audio volume.

Fun things, such as audio, remain muted until seat belts are fastened; and driver aids, safety systems and more vigorous alerts cannot be deactivated when MyKey is used.

We''re not sure whether the new tech will enable tracking of your teenage boy or girl, but it will feature SYNC with Emergency Assistance identifies exactly where an accident has taken place before calling 112 in the local language - very handy.

At the very least it should create an incentive for your children to get their own car, rather than borrowing yours all the time.

The system which has already proven popular in the U.S, is due to arrive in Europe 2012.