Ford is to introduce its in-car communication and entertainment technologies to all of its UK car ranges next year, including the entry-level Ford KA.

Speaking exclusively to Pocket-lint during the company's Forward with Ford Futuring and Trends Conference, a company spokesperson said that its proprietary tech, such as MyFord Touch, Ford SYNC and SYNC AppLink, will all hit the United Kingdom in 2012, but couldn't be specific on what month.

It is believed that the first car to feature the new system will be the Ford Focus, which we've heard will be coming in the summer of next year, but other models will soon follow.

MyFord Touch is a system that allows control of several different in-car functions via a 8-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard. It can access satnav capabilities, music playback (from an iPhone or other connected device), and make calls.

When combined with Ford SYNC, all of these functions can also be controlled by voice alone, with the latest version of the software (designed in conjunction with Nuance) allowing for around 10,000 words to be recognised. Another new feature of the latest edition of the voice recognition is in the ability to learn your accent and intonation in the background as it runs, thereby making it more intelligent down the line.

SYNC AppLink is a new addition to the functionality of the system. It allows Ford SYNC to use voice commands to access and control the applications on your mobile device (for example, the iPhone).

It is unknown whether the features will be identical on each of Ford's models (for example, does the KA even have enough room on its dash for an 8-inch touchscreen?), but the manufacturer does promise that all features will be subscription free for the first three years after purchase.