What's the world's most iconic supercar? Apparently, it's the the Enzo Ferrari.

The legendary £425,000 model, of which only a few hundred were built, topped a definitive list of the 100 most iconic contemporary cars that money can buy.

The Zurich Iconic Car Index is based on a formula that considers factors such as price, performance, engine power and marque.

Compilers also pooled the opinions of a panel of top motoring writers, who judged brand status and style. The cars had to cost more than £50,000 to even be considered.

Ferrari built only a few hundred Enzos - named after the firm's founder - but had to increase the quota to supply customers, such as rocker Rod Stewart.

Second in the list was the Porsche Carrera GT. The supercar, with a purpose-built V10 engine, comes with a heady £315,000 price tag. Ferrari also sealed third spot with their F599 model, which costs £157,000.