Deadmau5, famous DJ and the host of numerous Nokia launch parties, has commissioned a firm to adorn his £200,000 Ferrari 458 Spider supercar with vinyls depicting Nyan Cat. No, really.

The Canadian DJ posted two pictures of the newly customised car on his Facebook page with just a simple message: "Win".

He also followed that posting with a brief explanation. "If you think the car's bad, you should see what I did to my bathroom wallpaper," it reads. "Isn't it fun to do things your own way and just not give a f**k? Try it, you'll like it, I promise."

The end result has received mixed reviews, with one commenter even going as far as to say that Deadmau5 should be barred by Ferrari from buying any more of the Italian manufacturer's cars. But it's not the fact that he has pimped his hugely expensive vehicle that worries us, it's that he's chosen three-year-old internet hit Nyan Cat as the theme.

We've already gone one better and painted a Renault 5 in honour of One Pound Fish Man (we haven't).

To be honest, Deadmau5 should be allowed to paint or customise whatever he owns in whatever fashion he chooses. And remember, this is a man who DJs while wearing a round mouse head on his noggin'.