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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson might soon add electric cars to its bustling product portfolio.

The company is best known for making premium consumer vacuums, but clues recently dropped by the company's CEO have suggested it might also be known one day for making energy-efficient vehicles. We're not kidding.

The firm's chief executive said Dyson is already looking to put its technology into various different areas, and because of that, it hasn't ruled out the possibility of releasing a car. Keep in mind Dyson invested millions earlier this year into Sakti3, a battery company with technology advanced enough to power Dyson-built electric cars.

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During Dyson's earnings call on Friday, Max Conze, CEO, said the Wiltshire-based company’s engineers are capable of delivering what he described as breakthrough technologies: “Sakti3’s focus is on creating batteries for our hand-held devices, but Sakti3 has the best remit to deliver breakthrough technology into other industries."

According to The Telegraph, when prodded about whether Dyson would ever rival Tesla by applying Sakti3's battery technology to electric cars, Conze added: “We are ruling nothing out... Like our friends in Cupertino (where Apple is located) we are also unhealthily obsessive when it comes to taking apart our products to make them better.”

Ironically, Apple is also rumoured to be developing electric cars. Conze refused to comment on specific areas of interest currently being explored by Dyson, but if the company were to build its own electric cars, it might end up competing with not only Tesla but also Apple.

Writing by Elyse Betters.