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(Pocket-lint) - DS Automobiles continues to expand its electric offering, moving in the C segment with a new version of the DS 4. The new model moves to a new version of the EMP2 platform, said to be better designed for hybrid powertrains, preserving interior space. The company is yet to fully reveal the design, instead focusing on what this car will offer.

The announcement outlined that there would be E-Tense plug-in hybrid technology, alongside petrol and diesel options, but DS Automobiles didn't confirm a battery electric version - something that's available on the smaller DS 3 E-Tense.

The plug-in hybrid model will pair a 180hp petrol engine with a 110hp electric motor for 225hp, with 50km/30 miles of electric range. All DS 4 models will be automatic.

DS Automobiles focused on the tech that's pouring into this new model, centred around a new digital interior. Enhanced heads-up display functions can project pertinent information so they appear as if on the road ahead, meaning the driver doesn't have to look away from the road.

There's a new infotainment system too, called DS Iris System, which can be controlled by voice and gestures. As we're often told, it's based around the familiar usability of a smartphone, able to be personalised so that when you get into the car you get the setup you prefer.

There's a bespoke voice recognition system - supporting 10 languages at launch - while the 8-inch central display will support touch and common gestures for navigation and zooming. Updates will be delivered over the air to ensure things like maps are up to date. At launch it won't support Android Auto, but DS Automobiles confirmed it was working on integration.

There are clever driving features too. Not only will the DS 4 support level 2 autonomous driving, but it can also scan the road ahead as you drive to change the suspension settings as and when needed. The DS 4 will also have access to night vision, something we've previously seen on the DS 7 Crossback.

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The new DS 4 will be available in 2021, looking to bring something a little more unique to this segment. However, we're still surprised that no pure electric version was announced.

Writing by Chris Hall.